Melanie Schmidt

Hello, I am a successful ex-London business analyst, experienced business developer and computer code writer. I grew up in Hamelin, Germany where I completed my training in business administration. Shortly after my exams I moved to the UK and spent almost 2 decades within London’s financial services industry, mainly hedge funds whilst acquiring a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics from Birkbeck College, University of London.
Now that I’m living in the beautiful Waveney valley (Suffolk-side), I am working with small to medium size businesses that are looking to review their current web presence, market position and general business structure. I enjoy working with business owners that share their passion and vision with me and guide them towards their goals by providing sound structures and easy to follow action plans.

Marc Sharman

I have been setting up and running hedge funds for the financial services industry in London and New York for more than 15 years. The smooth running of the operational side of any business is vital to long term success and I'm delighted to bring my experience to our clients.
When I'm not working I enjoy country music and gardening.

Consultants for Consultants

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